Big trouble in Baldur's Gate

Moving toward the Roaring

(Ziza swapped +1 sword for +2 sword)

Found a room of illithids. Fleeing.
We all get mass teleported or illusioned into a swamp…? People start to realize it’s an illusion and attack the illithids. The illithids get webbed, but then they are suddenly gone… They pop up in the back, and shoot lightning. Ziza gets hit by lightning … Twice in a row… Saves half for one but not the other, and goes down. An illithid eats her brain before any one can get to her for emergency healing. That illithid goes insane.

The party keeps fighting, and eventually achieves victory then escape.

Rodnash goes back to the temple of Umberlee. He told them what happened to make it clear that the party was not the ones that killed the priestesses, and that the enemy also killed one of our own.

The party also reported back to the guild and reported the death of Ziza. While she was becoming somewhat powerful, she is not particularly missed by the guild leadership, and it may be a relief to some.

In or Out of the Sewers?

Ziza manages to wake up after a good 8 hours sleep, and finally explains about the ghosts and why she’s been phasing out from time to time.

The group talks about whether we should stay in the sewers and finish business, or go out, or what… Rodnash proposes that we’ve been at the mercy of other powers for too long, and it seems like we are equally powered to some of the others. We’re coalescing as a group … Sufficiently … So maybe we should start looking at ourselves as an internal group.

Rodnash admits: Priestesses of Umberlee were supposed to help us, but they didn’t show up. Kalathil says there were supposed to be 5 priests of Cyric (who were here to eradicate the presence of Shar.). Since they were only 3, they probably ran into the Umberlee followers.

Kalathil – we should know what the value of the ring is before we decide retaliation? Rodnash: They tried to murder one of us. Kalathil – well, I knew where to find they but they will probably be on the run?

The priestesses of Selune know about this sewer, and some Paladins … But if we want the treasure we should deal with it now.

Known risks: What ate the flesh off the skulls in the trophy room? Who’s the Sapphire Legion? Where were/are the ghouls? Lots of undead ahead?

Off of the Minotaur room, there’s a hallway to a stair to an upper level with a frequently walked path (no dust and scum). You can start to see the storm drains, and it smells like you’re near the docks. There’s a ladder out to the docks, close to the temple of Umberlee.

In the other direction, there’s a path to a door where there is creepy music playing. There are lizard feet sticking out of a pool of water, which Kalathil stabs. We fight a roomful of Kuotoa. Bran and Kalathil go catatonic, and oily Kalathil slips on his own slime. Three of us go catatonic so Estua and Rodnash are left. Mindflaying illithids. Fwooping.

We think Estua inspects the doors before trying to open them. The trap is a big ass ice dart which somehow she survives. That goes back to the Minotaur room.

The other path eventually leads to a room with 5 bellowing (minotaurs?) in it. They are not surprised. Kalathil webs. Fireballs. Spiked growth. Bran is a great big wall of meat. Lots of stabbing. Some hitting, some missing. (Ziza cross-universe thought: A Minotaur is an epic beast of mythology only a hero could conquer… And we’re taking a room of them one for one in the middle of a normal day for us. So we are as awesome as I thought we were.). There’s a open doorway and a portcullis.

April 3 - Sewer Purge
Still in the Sewers

(Still in the sewers … after we killed the driders, after killing a hydra… some weird invisible help …)

We finish a long rest.
We go back down the hallway. We hear some weird bonking noises. Estua clears traps, but Bran breaches the door. Big blast of fire. It’s a chimera. Ziza goes down. Kalathil’s oily body catches on fire, and he goes running back to the pile of gore to roll around and put the fire out. Rodnash gets a scroll for mass healing out manages to get her Ziza again and help everyone else. Priest of Cyric leaps into the room and gets caught in the lion’s jaws where he gets thorougly chomped. Eventually, everyone shots at it and and beats on it enough that the chimera goes down. The Priest of Cyric remains a chewtoy even as his comrade heals him, and still still losing blood mightily by the time we pry him out of the jaws.

Estua does some great trap finding, and lock opening. The next room is a trophy room that has scrawled “The Sapphire Legion killed 13 ghouls here” scrawled on the wall. Along the edges of the room are many alcoves filled with skulls of strange monsters. On one snake creature skull, there’s a ring shoved up on a fang. Estua sees the trap, but still manages to set off a fireball trying to disarm it. She dodges well. Eventually she decides to just pull the ring off the fang, and make a run for it, fireball be damned.

Rodnash and Kalathil start to realize it’s kind of odd that the Priests of Cyric are still following us.

The trophy room has many doors. We check out one, and it leads to a room with a stone door we manage to get open and find three horrible crabby creatures inside. As a test, Ziza casts two lions inside. The crabby things paralyze one of the summoned lions and start taking it apart before it’s dead… and it can’t even port home. Ziza opts to throw a fireball into the room.

About this time everybody starts freaking out because one of the Priests of Cyric stole the ring we just found from Estua and bolted. We close the door to the crabby things. One priest is still basically bleeding out on his way to dead, two are missing. Not sure what else we do, we go back to the crabby room. Ziza drops another fireball, and Kalathil drops a web in afterwards. Ziza goes catatonic in the hallway. People start taking potshots, running back and forth from the trophy room to the edge of the crab room. Bran drags Ziza back to the trophy room. During one of the back and forths, Kalathil realizes Ziza has stopped breathing and is bleeding out. Rodnash makes it back to heal her.

Kalathil starts webbing to find the missing assassin (presumably one of the priests of Cyric) and catches him in the web. Bran and Estua have to keep working on the crab monsters. Ziza, awake, fireballs the priest and people start attacking him too. Ziza’s obviously been revealed as drow now (not that anyone else is surprised), so she stands up and faerie fires the priest. The team divides and conquers between the crabby things and priest. Eventually the priest is trapped in a thorny mess on the ceiling and falls dead to the ground.

Rolling the body, the priest has robes and a holy symbol of Cyric. He has a +1 Amulet of Protection, and a +2 Shortsword. He has an empty potion belt. Rolling the other priest’s body, he’s got his robe and holy symbol of Cyric.

Bran starts to roll up the priests body, while Ziza starts to drift out, squeals, and passes out.

The party retreats to the room with the dead Hydra, dragging the priest’s bodies, and hopefully not exactly dragging Ziza, for a long rest.

Summary Loot transferred to Ziza’s stored inventory: +1 Ring of Protection +2 Shortsword, 2 robes and 2 holy symbols of Cyric.

The ring from the snake skull is still missing.

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