Big trouble in Baldur's Gate

In or Out of the Sewers?

Ziza manages to wake up after a good 8 hours sleep, and finally explains about the ghosts and why she’s been phasing out from time to time.

The group talks about whether we should stay in the sewers and finish business, or go out, or what… Rodnash proposes that we’ve been at the mercy of other powers for too long, and it seems like we are equally powered to some of the others. We’re coalescing as a group … Sufficiently … So maybe we should start looking at ourselves as an internal group.

Rodnash admits: Priestesses of Umberlee were supposed to help us, but they didn’t show up. Kalathil says there were supposed to be 5 priests of Cyric (who were here to eradicate the presence of Shar.). Since they were only 3, they probably ran into the Umberlee followers.

Kalathil – we should know what the value of the ring is before we decide retaliation? Rodnash: They tried to murder one of us. Kalathil – well, I knew where to find they but they will probably be on the run?

The priestesses of Selune know about this sewer, and some Paladins … But if we want the treasure we should deal with it now.

Known risks: What ate the flesh off the skulls in the trophy room? Who’s the Sapphire Legion? Where were/are the ghouls? Lots of undead ahead?

Off of the Minotaur room, there’s a hallway to a stair to an upper level with a frequently walked path (no dust and scum). You can start to see the storm drains, and it smells like you’re near the docks. There’s a ladder out to the docks, close to the temple of Umberlee.

In the other direction, there’s a path to a door where there is creepy music playing. There are lizard feet sticking out of a pool of water, which Kalathil stabs. We fight a roomful of Kuotoa. Bran and Kalathil go catatonic, and oily Kalathil slips on his own slime. Three of us go catatonic so Estua and Rodnash are left. Mindflaying illithids. Fwooping.

We think Estua inspects the doors before trying to open them. The trap is a big ass ice dart which somehow she survives. That goes back to the Minotaur room.

The other path eventually leads to a room with 5 bellowing (minotaurs?) in it. They are not surprised. Kalathil webs. Fireballs. Spiked growth. Bran is a great big wall of meat. Lots of stabbing. Some hitting, some missing. (Ziza cross-universe thought: A Minotaur is an epic beast of mythology only a hero could conquer… And we’re taking a room of them one for one in the middle of a normal day for us. So we are as awesome as I thought we were.). There’s a open doorway and a portcullis.



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