Ziza the Deceased


Normal weapons:
Light Crossbow
Shorts word +2

Deck of Illusions 29 cards
Wand of Conjure Animal – 7 charges and recover 1d6+1/day
Wand of Chromatic Orb – 7 charges and recover 1d6+1/day
Scrolls of Reincarnate
Scroll of Magic Missile (x2)
Scroll of Fly
Scroll of Blur
Scroll of Eldritch Blast
Scroll of Purify Food & Drink
Scroll of Remove Curse
Scroll of Conjure Barrage

10 bottles of good whiskey
30 doses of good party drug

Money: 3683.3 gold

Special Abilities:
Darkvision 120’
Wild magic surge: On a 1 of d20 roll against the magic surge table
Tides of chaos: Gain advantage on an ability check or saving through – but have to roll against the magic surge table to refresh
City secrets: x2 travel speed in known city
Font of Magic – Sorcerer Points
Metamagic Extended Spell – use 1 point to double duration
Metamagic Subtle Spell
Bend Luck: Use 2 sorcery points to use +/- d4 to an Attack, Ability, or Save

Ability/Curse: See and hear invisible ghosts.

Amulet of Healing – 2 cure light wounds that is rechargeable
Cursed amulet of silence
A Perfect Rose in temporal stasis
Drawing of a labyrinth
Dust of invisible stalker
Oil of darkness
+1 Ring of Protection
+1 Shortsword,
2 Illithids heads…

2 robes and 2 holy symbols of Cyric.
Amulet of Hextor (goblin)
Silver figurine of Shar
2 velvet doublets with signal of Gond
A cheap Symbol of Helm
A cheap Symbol of Tyr

2 2nd level healing potions
6 (of 8 vials) cure light wounds
Potion of growth

150gp in gems (to split?)

A fine steel cloth choker – 25gp
Leather belt with lapis – 25gp
Bolt of silk – 25gp
Carved wooden staff – 25gp
Feathered Ribbon 25gp
Pewter miniature of a temple 25gp
Polished stone miniature of a castle 25gp
Painted glass coffer 225gp
Very large garnet – ~2000gp needs to be auctioned


Ziza the Deceased

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