Big trouble in Baldur's Gate

Moving toward the Roaring

(Ziza swapped +1 sword for +2 sword)

Found a room of illithids. Fleeing.
We all get mass teleported or illusioned into a swamp…? People start to realize it’s an illusion and attack the illithids. The illithids get webbed, but then they are suddenly gone… They pop up in the back, and shoot lightning. Ziza gets hit by lightning … Twice in a row… Saves half for one but not the other, and goes down. An illithid eats her brain before any one can get to her for emergency healing. That illithid goes insane.

The party keeps fighting, and eventually achieves victory then escape.

Rodnash goes back to the temple of Umberlee. He told them what happened to make it clear that the party was not the ones that killed the priestesses, and that the enemy also killed one of our own.

The party also reported back to the guild and reported the death of Ziza. While she was becoming somewhat powerful, she is not particularly missed by the guild leadership, and it may be a relief to some.



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